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A Pen In Each Hand



Alternatively, use one of these random word generators:

  • 随机字发生器(选项:生成单词的数量不受限制;包含/排除重复的单词)
  • 随机字发生器(选项:1-8生成随机单词;点击/拖曳方式重新编排的话,双击以换出一个字一个新的)
  • 随机字发生器(options: generate 2-10 random words; temporarily save words you like to a list)
  • 随机字发生器(选项:在时刻产生一个字)
  • 随机字发生器(options: generate unlimited number of words; choose first and/or last letter; choose number of syllables or letters)

Draw one word and writethe first sentence that comes to mind用这个词。(就像一个词语联想游戏,但字➡️句子而不是单词➡️字。)重复9次,所以你一共有十个句子的。



另类组故事练习:After everyone has completed their 10 sentences, have one person start by choosing one of their sentences as the first sentence of the story. Go around the room in turn. Each person can either add a sentence to the story or pass when it comes to their turn. Stop when someone runs out of sentences. Read the completed story out loud.


A Pen In Each Hand


  1. Go to random.org and use theRandom Calendar Date Generator挑选2002年1月和本(离开周日未选中状态)之间的五次约会。
  2. 前往yabo live 并发现倒在第一步中生成的日期的提示。
  3. 使用所有5个提示在同一个故事。

Example (5 random dates and their corresponding prompts):

  1. 2002年2月5日:写一个惊喜会议。
  2. July 2, 2003: Write about a remedy.
  3. April 30, 2004: Write about magic.
  4. 2008年2月16日:他们必须一起走的方式。
  5. 2015年12月23日:“他谎称是一个科学家!”

A Creative Go-To

A Pen In Each Hand


I remember on one occasion back in my undergrad days in a creative writing classroom I was expected to complete a writing exercise on the spot. I felt tired from a long day already spent at my day job and overwhelmed—being at my lowest creative moment of the day. Regardless, I had to write something. So while my peers were scratching and tapping away in their notebooks and keyboards, I was zeroing on a single topic along with some describing words, and whatever literary mechanisms my tired brain could muster up.



这些例子我在网上找到:1] [2] [3] [4]。



我在开头在本系列的第一篇文章通过saying “By far the most popular article I’ve written for Toasted Cheese is ‘保持一个老生常谈的书’(见置顶帖子今天在侧边栏的证据;它总是在那里!)“。它仍然如此。当我收到了Pinterest的通知,十之八九的,它的有人喜欢或repinning那篇文章。(另外10%主要由人喜欢的东西我固定一个玩笑,哈哈。)

For this month’s article, I chose the theme of “doubt, fear, and failure” because I think all writers have experienced feeling like they have no idea what they’re doing, like everyone around them is more talented, like they’re writing and writing and writing and getting nowhere. If you’re feeling like an imposter, rest assured, you’re not alone. Every writer has been there at some point. Remember, everyone has their gameface on, and what they allow you to see does not reflect their own internal struggles.

Background Image: Andrew Hall (CC-by-nc-sa)

Background Image: Andrew Hall (CC-by-nc-sa)

When you start out on a career in the arts you have no idea what you are doing. This is great.谁知道他们在做什么的人都知道的规则,知道什么是可能的和不可能的。你不。你不应该。什么是可能的,在艺术上不可能通过谁没有通过超越他们测试的可能的边界人制定的规则。你可以。如果你不知道这是不可能做到这一点很容易做到。而且,因为没有人的做之前,他们还没有制定好规则,以阻止任何人再这样做,但。-尼尔盖曼{+}

什么是你的意见,新的作家呢?不要给狗屎。不要在意。书籍,直到最近,是很危险的:禁止,烧,看着。Write something dangerous. Say something you shouldn’t. Blow something up. But well.-Shalom Auslander{+}


风险!冒任何风险!Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth. —Katherine Mansfield{+}

I often need to remind myself that I need to hear failure out, because by failing at doing an easy thing, a groupthink thing, a thing one has been taught to do for one’s career, one might be encouraged to make or do or be something more original and true. Because没有作为一个艺术家是一个必要的事情,我希望我能更容易接受的事情。-丽贝卡·布朗{+}

I do worry a little that the modern age has taken the failure stage out of the creative process.Now if you can’t get your manuscript published, it’s because the publishers are cowards, can’t see your genius, and you can self-publish it (and then send out slightly crazed emails to critics).目前缺乏谦卑,未能认识到,在你的屁股被撞得到为你居然不错。-杰萨·克里斯平{+}

I was talking to my graduate class a bit … about how career writers—career anything, I suppose—are always having to list their shiny accomplishments, and how这将是这样一个伟大的救济某个时候写上去的反维塔,让人们看到它。这将是坦率的这样一个时刻背后的窗帘真理。所有你没有拿到奖项,所有的惊人期刊你的工作并没有被公布的,你被提名,但是,哎呀!-didn't真正赢得奖品不够好。Sigh. All the teaching innovations, trotted out with such high hopes, that failed miserably. And so on. How you sat at home on the sofa and muttered, “What’s the point?,” embarrassing yourself and boring your family members, who tiptoed quietly away. Revealing all the failures would be such a relief, such an exhale, such an “I’m nobody, who are you?” opportunity. —Joy Castro{+}

这是很痛苦的决定。这是痛苦的把你的财务状况看清楚,你的健康,你的人际关系。至少它的痛苦时,你有没有信心,你可以在这些领域确实有所改善。我不会为任何人说话,但我的大部分分心......可追溯至一个根深蒂固的恐惧,我可能无法最终获胜。-Ta-Nehisi Coates{+}

that what you write is really

you can’t you can never be sure
you die without knowing

o“我认为最定义特征f a writer”—I found myself saying to a friend the other day, when she asked my thoughts on the teaching of writing—“I mean the difference between a writer and someone who ‘wants to be a writer,’ is a high tolerance for uncertainty.” …It’s hard to write well. But it may be even harder to simply keep writing; which, by the way, is the only way to write better.-Sonya Chung{+}

[M]y internal life as a writer has been a constant battle with the small, whispering voice (well, sometimes it shouts) that tells me I can’t do it. This time, the voice taunts me, you will fall flat on your face.每一件写我的曾经完成- 无论是小说,一本回忆录,文章,短故事或评论 -已经开始的绝望和别的东西之间的摔跤比赛,其他的一些品质,所有的作家,如果他们继续下去,必须具备。-丹尼·夏皮罗{+}

“[T]帽子一种自我的怀疑和你所描述的自卑是创作过程的一部分正好。”这是一个启示给我,说those terrible feelings actually signaled that I was IN the creative process and not that I was failing at it.-Michelle Huneven{+}

[我] n的我认为一个作家是一个作家,不是因为她写得很好,容易,因为她有惊人的天赋,因为一切她确实是金。在我看来一个作家是一个作家,因为即使是没有希望的,即使你什么都不做节目承诺的迹象,你继续写呢。-朱诺·迪亚斯{+}

然而,很多有才华的人缺乏的是保持在外部的报酬非常少或不存在持续的能力。...Every writer gets rejected, sometimes over and over. But the ones who only have potential stop submitting (or just stop writing) somewhere along the way. They get discouraged and feel beat down. And then, before you know it, they’ve become someone who used to be a writer. Or someone who wanted to be a writer. —Chris Guillebeau{+}


I discovered that, by spending a long time on a short story, I could make it pretty good. But all around me, people were turning in truly terrific short stories and saying, “Oh, I wrote it the night before I turned it in.” There was so little talk of process back then,我真的以为我在那里他的作品通过一个丑陋的阶段去的唯一作家。多年来,我还以为深耻,我是个骗子,顶着真正优秀的人才。我花了大约二十年,实现他们在撒谎,和公正铠装自己的批评来了,假装不被作为投资的工作,因为他们。-Michelle Huneven{+}

“A novel is a work of a certain length that is somehow flawed,” a wise critic once said—and as I was told during the first few weeks of my MFA program.To write a novel, and see to it through from the first word to the 150,000th, you have to be willing to embrace the idea that every once in a while your prose is going to be, for lack of a better word, more prosaic than it would be otherwise.为什么?由于获得读者通过150000个字让它(我最后的长度,和你的平均健壮小说的长度),你需要这个笨重,缺乏吸引力,但很功利的事情叫做阴谋。-赫克托·托巴尔{+}

是什么在你的头上似乎是无限的比你终于得到了网页上的丰富。我想这就是为什么有些人从来没有真正得到书写完成。他们有一本书在他们头上的一个梦想,而每一次尝试把它写下来感到贫困。所不同的使用来打扰我,直到我想到的权衡是什么。该book in your head may be the platonically ideal book you could write, while the book you do write may seem a poor beast indeed, Caliban to your ideal book’s Prospero. But the book you write is real.而当你完成,你可以在你的手中持有它。-Richard Rhodes{+}

我担心排异反应,但不会太大。真正可怕的是不排斥,但不会出现在你的生活有足够的时间来写你在你的故事。所以每次我把在邮件中一个新的时间,我知道我又殴打致死。-Ray Bradbury{+}

“身为作家的特殊性,”[Joan] Didion说,“是整个企业涉及打印看到一个自己的话说的凡人羞辱。”...然而even worse than publication, she says, is the risk that something unfinished will be published.-阿德里安娜LaFrance{+}


绝对空白By Stephanie Lenz (Baker)





Stephanie’s “The Gray Girl” Pinboard

Creating a Pinterest board as a modern “idea book” worked so well for me that I’ve done it again and am currently gathering ideas for a new project. If you’re a visual person, if you like to organize online, or if you get a story idea on the go and you’d like to have an app for that, you might like to create boards like these.


我认为Pinterest是一个很大的软木板。一些不太le think of it like a scrapbook or notebook. Early adopters used Pinterest to gather and save recipes, knitting patterns, or ideas for weddings. It’s basically a visual blog that lets you link to content via images. Whereas platforms like Tumblr allow you to use text only, you must use images or videos on Pinterest. If the page you want to pin to doesn’t have an image, you can add an image of your choosing and then link it as you choose.

创建管脚很简单。如果有一个页面上的图像或视频,你几乎总是可以用别针把它(甚至GIF格式)。您可以创建自己的图像,并将其上传到您的主板。不要惊讶地看到自己创建的映像回来找你(mine did)。

If you want to pin a page and there’s no image, you can upload any image and put the URL of the page you want to pin into the link box (use your computer to do this instead of the Pinterest app).

How can I use it?



  • Story (plot ideas, research)
  • Character (inspiring images, clothing, traits)
  • Setting (architecture, landscapes, rooms)
  • 主题
  • How-to graphics (plotting, character creation)
  • 提示(这些是最丰富的类型的引脚之一)
  • Favorite books and journals
  • 写作建议
  • 演习
  • 工作表
  • 发电机(字符的名称,特征,提示)
  • 用品
  • 挑战
  • 隽语名言(文字,书籍,人物,笑话)

Does this look familiar? It should if you have a “writing” folder among your bookmarks. Clearing out your bookmarks is a great way to get started using Pinterest as your central writing resource.



You can use other apps in the same way, taking advantage of their particular features. Tumblr might be less visual (depending on the template you use) but if you like searching your own collection via tags or recycling and repurposing ideas from other users, it might be more to your taste. Whereas Pinterest limits you to 500 characters on a pin, Tumblr will let you write and post an entire story (without the need for images). You’re not going to find explicit adult content at Pinterest. Meanwhile it’s plentiful at Tumblr, which can be useful if you’re writing erotica or using other adult inspiration for your story. Tumblr has settings that can keep adult content off your dashboard if you choose.





  • tumblrWordPress的Blogger和其他传统的博客应用
  • Evernote的OneNote中(这些都是类似的计划。像Pinterest的,Evernote的剪辑在线内容和效果最好的一个应用程序。OneNote的是更好的PC和是一个组织迷的梦想)
  • 在stapaper(syncs across devices; use with friends)
  • Thoughtboxes(think Post-Its in folders)
  • Licorize(you can transfer your Delicious links; has an “add” button for browsers)
  • Bundlr(has a paid “ad-free” version)

Check these out and see which works for your purposes. When browsing apps like these, think of how, when, and where you’ll use them. Many are listed as “productivity” apps, designed for balancing work and personal life. As a creative person, you’ll discover new ways to use them to organize not just your writing life but also your writing projects.

Writing Inspiration Boards

A Pen In Each Hand


  1. 创建一个“写” Pinterest的板(又名“通知板”)。用它来激励/搞笑语录,指向喜爱的书籍或作者,笑话,漫画,提示,工作表和文章(就像我们2015年5月AB)。
    1. 相反Pinterest的,尽量的tumblr或文章中的其他平台的一个建议
  2. Create a Pinterest board for a project you’re working on or one you have an idea for. If the idea is all you have, find an image to represent your idea and work from there. If someone else has previously pinned your image, you’ll get a notice about it when you pin. Follow the links and find further inspiration.
  3. Begin to create a character by imagining her pinboard and making it. What do her pins say about her? What do her pins reveal that she doesn’t want people to know? What does she try to say with the things that she pins? Make notes right in the description of the pin.
  4. Pinterest的prompt: in the search bar, type something you ate or drank as part of last night’s meal. Click on the name of the pinner of the first result; doing that will take you to the pinboard where you can find the pin. From that pinboard, click on the board owner to see her other boards. Use her board titles as a basis to create a character, story, or poem. If there aren’t enough boards to work with, go back to the recipe results and try a different pinner.




By far the most popular article I’ve written for Toasted Cheese is “保持一个老生常谈的书”(见置顶帖子今天在侧边栏的证据;它总是在那里!)。正如我现在的文章,几年中提到的,我已经在我的博客收集的报价,很多这些报价都是写作有关。因此,对于这个月的一篇文章的主题铸造什么时候,它发生,我认为谁感兴趣的commonplacing的入门指南一样的人也可能在一些我把我的内容感兴趣。

我决定,涉及到一个特定主题的办法了“一个主题引号”和拉行情。It turns out I’ve collected a lot of writing quotes, so there will likely be future articles on other themes, but for this month’s article, I chose the theme of “not writing”—a subject that seems to be of universal concern to writers. If you wrote fewer words in 2014 than you intended to—this one’s for you. Take heart. Not-writing is as much a part of the writing process as placing words on the page. If you’re in writing drought right now, remember the writing life is a cycle. One day the words will begin to flow again. Trust.

Background image: Mitchell Joyce/Flickr (CC-by-nc)

Background image: Mitchell Joyce/Flickr (CC-by-nc)

Writing is hard—writers say this all the time, and I think probably only other writers believe it. But it’s not nearly as hard, in my experience, as not writing.在我应该待写作多年,我想到了我的小说的所有时间。越来越多,这些都是不快乐或满足的想法。......我在一个小的恐慌攻击之中醒来一晚。这是不寻常的我在半夜醒来,着急又害怕,我一直都知道恐慌的根源的时候了。但它是罕见的我重睡的丈夫在同一时间醒来。而不是安慰他,让他回去睡觉,我告诉他赤裸的,谦卑的真理。我告诉他,如果我没有完成我的小说,我想我的未来的幸福可能处于危险之中。他擦了擦眼睛,打了个哈欠,说:“好吧。我们来看看如何做到这一点。”它没有在一夜之间发生,但我的生活的潮流转移。 —Susanna Daniel{+}

研究创意的性质表明,人们谁一贯拿出更多的创造性和创意不一定天生天才,也不一定比其他人更聪明。然而,它们能够承受的心理不适一定水平的。它的工作原理是这样的:当我们的大脑都带有一个问题,任何问题我们稍感焦虑。当我们解决一个问题,我们的大脑释放内啡肽,使我们感觉良好。所以,我们必须解决的一个问题,我们经常与第一个答案,我们想出了,因为感觉好(字面),以找到一个解决办法跑!但人谁愿意看到第一个解决方案,然后将其放在一边,即延迟内啡肽高while they continue to search for another answer, and another, and another…until they have compared all possible solutions and then chose the best option—and run with it—consistently come up with much more interesting, creative solutions.-莫莉闲置{+}

Not writing is important: it’s restorative.以从工作休息也是一个部分的工作。没有人真正谈论的是一个作家的那部分,我知道为什么他们不这样做。太可怕了。当我写,我觉得自己插入和通电和同步。但是,当我不写,我觉得它。我有非常真实的恐惧,我将永远无法再次曾经写什么。当你看僵,树木枝条暗在冬天,是不是很难想象这样的树郁郁葱葱所有和全叶?但是冬天发生。然后,春天来了。-Sarah Selecky{+}

邮政意见书教的作家,这个职业是不是短跑。Writing is a series of marathons separated by long respites, where we regain breath and build strength.It is time for writers to slow down again, so that our performance in the next race can be better, more meaningful, and if we are lucky, closer to the eternal, mysterious rewards of art. —Nick Ripatrazone{+}


有一些在[谜团佩内洛普·菲茨杰拉德的]生活,沉默和默默无闻的地区。其中一个有“迟到”的事情。如何起步晚的多,真的是她?她总是在接受采访时说,她开始写了第一部小说(金童)来招待她的丈夫,德斯蒙德·菲茨杰拉德,当他病了。但是,像许多她告诉采访的事情,也有一些是有点太简单了这一点。...该re is a poignant note inside the back cover of her teaching notebook for 1969, a long time before she started to publish: “I’ve come to see art as the most important thing but not to regret I haven’t spent my life on it.” Yetthe conversations she was having with writers in her teaching books show that she was always thinking about art and writing: they show how the deep river was running on powerfully, preparing itself to burst out.-赫敏李{+}


我有一个博客,但我不这样做正确。月去了,甚至多年没有我写。然后,突然我写了很多。其他人......其他人正常博客。......我不天天写博客的原因是因为我慢。... [U] NTIL我已经想通的事情了,我迷路了。生活对我来说是树叶吹倒退。如果我尝试在博客上写下它,我只是从空中抢。我不得不等待,直到我清楚的叶子。该n I can look back and see what pattern they’ve been making, and their colours, and the fineness of their outlines. Other people are not lost at all. The precision of people who can blog all the time. It startles me, that clarity of leaves. —贾克琳莫里亚蒂{+}

Vertical writing … values depth over breadth. Stories are written when they are ready to be written; they are not forced into existence by planning or excessive drafting. … vertical writing seeks to dig into the page, to value the building of character and authenticity over the telegraphing of plot. … Vertical writing is no less work, but it is better work, work at the right time.它需要耐心愿意等待的故事,觉得准备写的,还有注意和重视必要的居住故事曾经孕育。-Nick Ripatrazone{+}

总的来说很棒的写作从所有战争有限公司mes a good time afterwards, when a person has had the time to let material develop and form itself, so that it’s not rhetorical. So that it’s not so heavily autobiographical. … It’s a bit like writing about cancer; there needs to be time. You need to find a way to transcend the tendency to put in every little detail. Just because it felt so important, it may not be important to the reader. And需要时间的想象来发挥作用,以做工用料,to shape a story that may not be wholly in the real world, but only partly. —蒂姆·奥布莱恩{+}

南希斯洛尼姆Aronie“伟大的工作来之后来到之后,谈到没有工作后,糟糕的工作,良好的工作。记得秩序“。please do. —Irene Nam{+}

What I forget, though, and what I am trying here to remember, is that工作没有得到完成。不是每一天,就像写作老师推荐。即使是每星期。但不变的是,无论我走到哪里,我写的,just as inevitably I forget about having written, and subsequently worry. —亚历克斯·加洛 - 布朗{+}

该time we have alone, the time we have in walking, the time we have in riding a bicycle, is the most important time for a writer.从打字机逃脱是创作过程的一部分。你必须给一个潜意识的时间去思考。真正的思维总是发生在潜意识层面。-Ray Bradbury{+}

我们的一些最有创意的工作被停机 - 觉醒从午睡做,散步,在淋浴做白日梦。(作家是特别干净。)停机时突破性的理念传递给我们,偶然有,当昨天的堵塞莫名其妙来了畅通。That’s because we treated ourselves to a little boredom and cleared our brains of the sludge of information. Try it. —William Zinsser{+}

我常想,我需要广泛的开放日,整洁小时到达重要的创作完成工作。有时候,这是事实。但I’ve also learned that perhaps more important than what happens when I’m staring at the page is what happens when I’m not. How I chew on the idea in my downtime.My subconscious must know about the deadline—needs it, even—and works feverishly to pull it all together. Perhaps it’s even a pipe dream to imagine having something done early enough to bask in its finished glory with a glass of wine. And maybe that’s not even the point—writing is work and the furious finish is part of the process。-S。霍普米尔斯{+}


A Pen In Each Hand


What to do until the words return? Here are some suggestions:

  1. 去散步(或别的东西,你拿外)。作家花弯腰驼背键盘了太多的时间在室内。如果你认为你的写作,太好了。如果不是,这是确定了。新鲜空气将有利于你的大脑不管。
  2. 读!相反,把自己打倒在非书写的无奈,把它放在一边,拿起了一本书。如果这是一本好书,它会激励你。如果它是一本坏书,好了,愤怒是一种强大的推动力。如果你在一个长期的写作干旱是,创建一个阅读项目(从每个字母一本书一个星期,一个作者,从当年的畅销书你出生...),以保持自己占领。
  3. 停止钉住“如何创建一个老生常谈的书”你的Pinterest的文章,已经开始自己平常的书!它可以简单的开始一个新的董事会,并在其上钉扎了几个写的报价。这里的搜索让你开始。

Can Teach About Writing





该Sherlock Holmes stories have inspired countless other fictional detectives and mysteries, and are still being rewritten and re-imagined, over one hundred years after their original publication. What is it about the stories penned by Dr. Watson and his creator that have made them last? Why do readers keep returning to them?




但don’t tell them everything. Sometimes what the reader can imagine is more interesting to them than what you can come up with. Watson often referred to other cases, dropping tantalizing clues to stories that were never published or giving just enough hints so that his contemporary readers could try to puzzle out the real-life counterpart to a client or villain. You may know about everything that happens in your world, but you don’t have to present it all to the reader. Drop a reference here and there, and let your reader imagine the rest.




Watson had a tin dispatch box in the bank vault at Cox & Co., where he kept all of his case notes. Create a special place for all of your work, whether it be a folder on your computer’s desktop or a special box in your closet. Instead of leaving them there, though, make a regular date with yourself to go through them and handpick the best ones to polish and send out into the world.


Dr. Watson not only created an intriguing star for his stories, but a standout supporting cast. Most readers can immediately recognize the rat-like, unimaginative Inspector Lestrade and the long-suffering landlady Mrs. Hudson, who in turns worried over and was antagonized by her eccentric tenant. Even the smaller characters, such as The Woman, Irene Adler, who once intrigued Holmes with her cleverness and is often cast as his love interest, or the nefarious Professor Moriarty, the shadowy spider behind London’s criminal scene, have their own unique personalities and quirks that make them memorable.


With your background and one-scene characters, you don’t have to create as elaborate backstories, but have an idea for what they want out of their lives, and out of their interactions with your story. Writing a character with no purpose to his or her life will make for a flat character. Give them a purpose for their own fictional life. By giving each of your characters a reason for existing, you make them more real and more memorable to your reader.









Add your own inspirations on Twitter using the #MentorMarch hashtag.


尼尔盖曼@neilhimself), 当然。他的博客和微博。他也是在Facebook上。他似乎很享受自己参与公共。

贾斯蒂娜·拉巴勒斯蒂尔@justinelavaworm)一书的作者How to Ditch your Fairy说谎者等等。她主要是一个年轻的成人作家,但我很喜欢她的丰富的情节和有趣的幻想写我自己。她相当广泛热议,但后来开发的腕管综合症,现在她倒她的大部分限制击键供应到她的下一本书。该blog archivesinclude quite a lot of excellent advice to up and coming writers.

查德·奥策尔@orzelc)has written a delightful popular science book calledHow to Teach Physics to your Dog和blogs at不确定原理。他还鸣叫。它很高兴看到有人谁其实可以解释现代物理学的微妙之处(量子力学,与第二本关于相对论的作品)的人,这样做。

Lisa Olson (Boots)

Wil Wheaton@wilw)。除了是极客的国王,他其实是一个作家。我发现他的博客会哄,步入正轨,和娱乐。他的三部小说(赤脚跳舞沉没的宝藏只是一个怪胎)are on my “to-read” list.

费利西亚·戴@feliciaday)。不是作家,但剧本的作家。她是那种互联网连续的领跑者的(该Guild)和a total success at it. She’s also an actor. I love her blog and her tweets.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi@inkyelbows)。一本儿童读物作家,却充满了明智的建议,真棒漫画和各种奇妙的。她做在线漫画如会写巧克力和她出了一本书(我很无聊)由迈克尔·伊恩·布莱克因出在2012年写的。

Jayne Ann Krentz@JayneAnnKrentz)(aka Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle). A romance writer, I went through most of her Amanda Quick books. I loved第三圈层并看到妖兽寡妇is on my shelf. She had a blog in conjunction with some other romance writers, but it’s since gone defunct. Her website is still going—as is she.

And last, I follow all of theyabo亚搏体育烤奶酪编辑Beaver‘s tweets are usually really真棒作家或者只是一个良好的捧腹大笑。面包师傅总是歇斯底里,你不能弥补她写下了狗屎。Billiard总是甜蜜的,充满生机。



梅格卡博特@megcabot)is endlessly entertaining. I love her sense of humor, her interaction with fans, and I am in awe of her productivity.


Seanan McGuire@seananmcguire)。Full disclosure—Seanan is a good friend, but I’d follow her even if she wasn’t. Her dedication and work ethic are inspiring, and she frequently posts fantastic insight and advice. The fourth book in her October Daye series,晚日食,就出来了本月初。

Debbie Ridpath Ohi@inkyelbows)。黛比亦是朋友,她从来没有给我灵感。这不是夸张地说,她是我最喜欢的人之一,她的乐观和快乐是有传染性的。


洛伊丝麦克马斯特布约德is a huge inspiration in my writing life. Her characters are incredibly well-rounded, and so very, very human. She has set the characterization bar high, but it’s a goal worth striving for.

在Twitter上,我跟随的电视节目编剧真棒Castle,including the creator Andrew Marlowe (@AndrewWMarlowe和充分披露,是的,我们是亲戚)和他的妻子和老乡Castle作家特里·米勒(@TerriEdda)。当然,我跟随Richard Castle as well, but I will let Baker say more about him.

Judy Blume@judyblume)是我最喜欢的作家之一长大。愿我的孩子角色携带相同的真实性是她做的。

I also find a lot of inspiration and good advice from the various editing and query-critiquing blogs. My two current favorites areEvil EditorQuery Shark




Roxane Gay@rgay)写short fiction,教英语和编辑PANKamongst other things. Last year she had six (six!) stories make the Million Writers Award Notable Stories list. All of that is amazing, but she makes my list because of her blog: a brilliant mix of writerly angst, personal confession, breathtaking storytelling—and reviews of terrible (so bad they’re good) movies.

塔亚里·琼斯@tayari)为一个小说家(她第三新颖银雀comes out this spring), acreative writing professor和导师初出茅庐的作家。她找到时间做所有这些事情本身就是一个灵感。我名单中所有的作家,我已经按照Tayari的时间最长,看了她的博客写作整个的全过程银雀我迫不及待地读它。

William Zinsser(生于1922年)是作者创作出色。You may have heard of him. What you may not know is that he blogs every Friday about “writing, the arts, and popular culture” at该American Scholar。He’s a fantastic storyteller and brings a unique perspective to a genre dominated by Gen-X and Millennial voices.


Elisa的Gabbert@egabbert)为一个诗人和博客。她写下了两本诗集,That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness(带凯瑟琳鲁尼)和法国退出。I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of her poetry, but I喜欢她的博客的声音。在this interview,she says that she considers blogging as much of a form/genre as poetry—and it shows.


苏茜·布赖特@susiebright)。I’ve followed Susie personally and professionally for at least ten years, after getting my hands on the earlyHerotica选集。她的心情如此紧密地按照我自己,我不能遵循苏西我到处找她。我有一个集合,她编辑的亲笔签名(斯奎!),几个unautographed集合,以及,一个顽皮的措辞亲女人按钮发送由苏西自己。我找到了她的“如何写一个不堪入耳的故事”不只是写情色,但对于一般写短篇小说鼓舞。我发现她经常光顾Twitter和Facebook更新内容丰富,鼓舞人心的为好。她也可以定期上找到HuffPo; her most recent column is “How to Get Your Favorite Author to Visit Your Home Town。”

Roger Ebert@ebertchicago)I spend a disproportionate amount of time reading Roger Ebert every day. I’ve always read him and it never fails to surprise me how many people don’t think of Ebert primarily as a writer. His books are among my favorites, from his大电影列格式的集合(也可用线上) 至您的电影吮,his way with words has jived with my sensibilities (not to mention that we have similar taste, political opinions, etc.). Since losing his ability to speak, I’ve found Ebert’s ever-increasing proliferation of online writing still not enough to sate my thirst for his work. He tweets throughout the day, writes regular blog entries, and评论当前和经典影片。他还对Facebook。我已经订阅了艾伯特俱乐部(currently only $5 to subscribe, about to go up to $10 so get in while you can for $5) since the beginning and it’s so informative and fun that it takes me at least a day to savor everything in the weekly issue. I also own a rice cooker because ofthis

Richard Castle@WriteRCastle)不仅是一个有趣的作家,他是相当有个性。我跟着他主要是在Twitter上,因为他不是在Facebookmuch. I hope that’s because he’s working on another Nikki Heat book. I was a little late reading热浪但一旦我开始,我几乎无法把它放下。因为它似乎有很多混乱和作者“试图太硬”(和几乎没有足够的女性MCS)我不读了许多现代化的奥秘。城堡的悠闲的生活态度(和广泛的研究)从他的Twitter的饲料直接进入他的小说进行,这让他的文字读来引人入胜。另外,他是100%的可爱,所以我倾向于存储他的书面朝下的表。

最喜欢的作家/灵感我跟随包括已经提到尼尔盖曼,黛比里德帕思大井和TC编辑和贡献者。随意跟随我writing list