对烤奶酪的评论yabo亚搏体育 //www.kartechusa.com yabo亚搏文学期刊+写作社区yabo亚搏体育 2020年11月03日星期二18:43:01 +0000 每小时 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.5.3 对《凛冬之死》第20届年度短篇小说大赛的评论 //www.kartechusa.com/community/20年度冬季死亡短篇小说大赛/#评论-9885个 TC编辑 2020年11月03日星期二18:43:01 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5525#comment-9885 继续写那些条目!还有很多时间。你能行的!

继续写这些条目!剩下的时间还很多。你能做到的 评Stephanie 2020年8月的每日写作提示 //www.kartechusa.com/a-pen-in-each-hand/august-2020-daily-writing-prompts/#comment-9884 斯蒂芬妮 2020年11月3日星期二18:23:56+0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5500评论-9884 耶,每日提示! < p >耶每日提示! < / p > 周日,经纪人为2020年10月25日写下聊天提示 //www.kartechusa.com/community/sunday-writing-chat-prompts-for-25-october-2020/#comment-9834 经纪人 2020年10月27日星期二15:59:00+0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5551#comment-9834 “你需要一台新电脑,”苏茜说。"The disk drive in this one is sooooo slooooow." "Hmm?" said Sarah and went back to whatever she had been doing. "What did you have in mind?" Vicky asked. Susie could almost see the dollar signs flitting by in her eyes. "Prolly just need more storage and up to date technology," said Susie. "The computer spends most of its time waiting for satisfaction of its data hunger." "If biology would stop growing faster than computers do..." said Vicky. "I kinda think biology cornered the market on exponential growth," said Susie. "Since every unit comes out of the box able to make more like it." "True enough," said Vicky. "Which, come to think of it, is why we're all here, doing this. Trying to prosper that aspirational goal or whatever," said Susie. "Isn't [i]prosper[/i] a transitive verb someplace?" "Trans what now?" Mo asked. "Transit of Venus," said Vicky, not looking up from her screen, or pausing her clacking fingers. "Well, I went through it to she," said Mo. "Maybe that counts." "OK, I'm done here," Susie announced, retrieving the thumb drive from its socket. "That's about as fast as we can make the program until we have a faster disk." "You wanna have lunch?" Vicky asked. "Sure," said Susie. They got their coats and walked down the block and around the corner to the usual diner. "So I have yet another new dread," said Susie. "You have the best dreads," said Vicky. She wasn't talking about Susie's hair. She knew better than to comment on Susie's appearance. "The best ever." Susie ignored her. "I was idly watching the names go by, checking them off, as we gathered samples from Sarah's Kids and sent them off to Miranda to sequence." "Right," said Vicky. "And it turns out at least one of my housemates is on the list," she said. "I'm pretty sure. I didn't ask them directly. I don't know their real names. Legal names. The ones they use are more real." "I... uh... huh," said Vicky. "I mean I figured the odds that two such people are right here in easy commuting distance from the clinic," said Susie. "Not large." "You probably had to make up some of the numbers to do that?" said Vicky. "Still not large," said Susie. "And yet, here they are. I wonder if the whole neighborhood is, like, one big zombieland or whatever." "Speaking of bio-units and their reproductive capabilities," said Vicky. "Yeah, exactly. I figured it was time to get out of the clinic before I idly speculated something more pointedly related to the truth," said Susie. "While the perp is listening." "She never listens," said Vicky. "Until suddenly you realized she actually was listening," said Susie. "And you watch in horror while she rewinds her mental recording and quotes you word for word." "She's very smart and hardworking," said Vicky. "But, like, laser focused, and so the little people can do whatever we like, pretty much, right at her feet." "It's a fine art, knowing what you can get away with," said Susie. "I grew up, well, I did most of my growing up, in a house with three adults, two of them watching me like a horror movie with subtitles." "With subtitles?" said Vicky. "It takes more attention," said Susie. "And meanwhile my actual mom picked only what she wanted to hear from the torrent of information flying around the household like... Oh God I was gonna say bats." "Bats eat mosquitos," Vicky pointed out. "What are we talking about? I forgot, sometime about three meta-metaphors ago." "Whether Skud and Webb are Sarah's Kids or not, and if so what she did to them," said Susie. "And whether their... specialness (isn't that [i]special[/i]) is something she did." "And what happens when they're in a room with Jim," said Vicky. "I didn't think of that," said Susie. "They came to Thanksgiving at Sarah's." "So did we," said Vicky. "But the room was full of other people." "Yeah, I didn't notice anything special," said Susie. "But I do remember Jim's profile at the other table, so maybe I was, like, drooling at him or whatever."











&8220;我没有想过这个问题,也没有想过这一点,说了8221;她说。苏西。&#“他们是在萨拉来过感恩节的,”维姬说。&#但是房间里挤满了其他人。苏茜说。&#但我记得吉姆的简介at the other table, so maybe I was, like, drooling at him or whatever.”

TC编辑对《仲夏传说2020》的评论 //www.kartechusa.com/literary journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#评论-8868个 TC编辑 2020年6月22日星期一02:21:43+0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5411评论-8868 In reply to <a href="//www.kartechusa.com/literary-journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#comment-8852">Huda</a>. The conditions of the quarantine are up to you.

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检疫情况由你决定 TC编辑对《仲夏传说2020》的评论 //www.kartechusa.com/literary journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#评论-8867个 TC编辑 2020年6月22日星期一02:21:12 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5411评论-8867 In reply to <a href="//www.kartechusa.com/literary-journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#comment-8862">Eileen Finley</a>. Format as you would an email; single-spaced paragraphs with a space in between.

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格式就像你发的电子邮件;中间有空格的单行距段落 评艾琳·芬利的《2020仲夏传奇》 //www.kartechusa.com/literary journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#评论-8862个 艾琳·芬利 2020年6月16日星期二21:19:51 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5411#注释-8862 我仔细地看了仲夏竞赛的说明,但我没有看到关于提交作品的间距的任何信息——单空格还是双空格——你喜欢哪种?


评论胡达的《2020年仲夏故事》 //www.kartechusa.com/literary-journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#comment-8852 胡达 2020年6月6日星期六18:06:49 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5411#comment-8852 当你说隔离,你的意思是,故事应该是关于呆在室内,但可以上网吗?或者说,是那些被孤立的人物,只吃水果吗?

你说的隔离,你的意思是,应该是呆在室内,但可以上网吗?还是说,这些被隔离的性状只能吃水果? TC编辑对《仲夏传说2020》的评论 //www.kartechusa.com/literary journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#评论-8696个 TC编辑 2020年5月1日星期五00:16:26 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5411#comment-8696 In reply to <a href="//www.kartechusa.com/literary-journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#comment-8695">Richard Graves</a>. No, you can use British English.



评理查德格雷夫斯的《2020仲夏传奇》 //www.kartechusa.com/literary journal/a-midsummer-tale-2020/#评论-8695个 理查德的坟墓 2020年4月30日星期四22:35:07 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5411#comment-8695 我是英国人,我说(和写)英语。Do your rules require me to transpose my entry into American? You do mention spelling and grammar in your terms and conditions. R. V. Graves

I’m British and I speak (and write) in English. Do your rules require me to transpose my entry into American?
You do mention spelling and grammar in your terms and conditions.
R. V. Graves

关于三声欢呼和2019老虎秋季的评论被经纪人关闭 //www.kartechusa.com/community/three-cheers-and-a-tiger-fall-2019-is-open/#comment-8423 经纪人 2019年9月22日星期日21:18:24 +0000 //www.kartechusa.com/?p=5286评论8423 比赛现在结束了。谢谢大家,祝大家好运!