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      这个周日早午餐提示写作聊天is an opportunity each week to test your skills at writing under pressure — or to have some fun without the need to be brilliant — or both!




      1. 使用以下五个字:讽刺,死,心情,组织,声音。(10 min)

      2. Fill in the blank: “Love is what happens when _________.”(10 min)

      3. 写下堕落的借口。(10 min)

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      After Mikail goes upstairs to get settled, the irony of the situation strikes me. I muffle the sound of my laughter because I’m not sure I could explain to to him if I tried and truly, the explanation fell into the category of TMI. If this was going to work, I needed to keep him at arm’s length.

      That thought sobered my mood. I threw out the tissues Mikail had used to wipe Jared’s face after he ate his ice cream. I watched my husband as he napped on the couch. He had no idea how close he came to dying.

      I quietly put his boots and jacket away before retreating to sit at the kitchenette table. Mikail had brewed me a pot of tea before he left to give me a bit of space. I pulled out my phone and picked up where I’d stopped reading. “Love is what happens when you aren’t looking.”



      I sighed and looked out into the backyard. Just as long as I don’t believe the hype. This isn’t a rom-com. This is my actual life. The guy can’t get the girl because the girl in question is still married. End of story.

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      A deliciously familiar scent stole into her dream. She half-instinctively moved over until the rail on the bed stopped her.



      Susie opened her eyes. Someone pressed a tissue into her hand, and she used it to clear the goo from her eyes. It seemed to build up faster in this… strange sleep.


      “Every day, for as long as we both shall live,” said Zun.


      “Don’t talk about my wife like that,” said Zun.





      “有人继续我母亲的遗产,and Susan was studying to be a doctor anyway, so your… uh, great grandmother? Is that what she is? downloaded a ton of data into Susan’s lap,” said Susie.

      这个appropriate sound effect here was supplied by Susan whenever she was present for this story, “Whump!” she said, and then moaned as if she’d been buried by a dump truck full of paper. Which, everyone present knew, was not far from the truth.



      “But you were already in love?” the kid wanted to know. She was getting just old enough to appreciate a good romance.

      Susie looked at Susan. “Love is a tricky thing sometimes,” she said. “I mean, we had your mom Karen and your aunt Helen… if that’s not love, what is?”

      “Are you quoting屋顶上的提琴手“又来了,亲爱的?”苏珊说爱是当…发生的事情

      “When you hang out with the same person too long?” said Susie. She smiled and looked side-eye at Susan.

      “Oh, hush,” said Susan.





      “More people per bed made the house less expensive, too,” said Susie.

      “And having parents of all sorts of different genders was fun,” said Helen.

      “When it came time for explaining ourselves at school,” said Karen.

      Susan let herself out of bed, flipped her grey hair, and resumed her white coat and stethoscope.


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