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By Erin Nappe (台球

By now, most writers are at least familiar with Chris Baty’s brainchild; write a 50,000-word novel in one month, with the focus on getting the darn thing finished rather than worrying about how good it is. Back in 2004, I was a first-time participant innanowrimo.。I decided to dive right in, and I was not fully prepared for the task that lay before me. I started off with the best of intentions, but my intentions didn’t quite carry me far enough.

It took me three tries, but I finally earned the title of NaNoWriMo winner last year. I thought I’d share some of my own wisdom for completing the challenge.

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去年这个时候,我正在教四个大学课程并作为替代教师工作。当渐变开始堆积时,放弃,走开,呕吐,呕吐,说:“我不能这样做。我太忙了。“但我没有。我做了一个时间表。无论如何,我告诉自己,我每天都会奉行一定数量的小时。我博彩又发了电子邮件。我花了更少的时间在互联网上戳戳。我的阅读很少。我幸存了! I even spent one weekend visiting a friend, and spent Thanksgiving with my family.

The laptop is your friend.



Announce your participation publicly.


If you don’t have any place else to announce it (or even if you do), make sure you visit our NaNoWriMo forum and let everyone know you’re participating!

Get a writing buddy.

Or two. Or ten. The NaNoWriMo forums can be a great source of support. (Warning… the official forums areveryslow right now!) If you find yourself overwhelmed there, you can always post on我们的论坛。You’ll find that the encouragement of other people in the same situation will be invaluable.

Learn to love writing prompts.

There were countless times when I found myself stuck. I’d go online and search the在TC的日历那or look for prompts at other writing sites, and find something that would give me the spark I needed to get going again.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a plan or an outline—many people can’t work without them! I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be so committed to anything that you refuse to change it. Because when you’re writing a novel in a month, well… things happen.

例如,我改变了视图点字符良好进入我的小说。我开始的声音只是不适合我,所以我转移到不同的角色,并在他的头上完成了小说。我疯狂了一段时间,虽然在说服自己并不重要 - 我可以稍后回去改变事情。永远不要忘记 -你可以稍后回去改变事情。I typed notes to myself within the text to change this, or fix that, or flesh this out. It’s not going anywhere, and no one ever has to see that first draft but you!

做n’t give up.


做n’t forget food and water.


follow the rules.

Particularly if you’re a first time participant, you should follow指导方针set forth by NaNoWriMo. Start a fresh story instead of trying to rework, re-imagine, or reinvent something you’ve already started. You’ll have more enthusiasm for the project, and therefore more momentum.

做n’t panic.

Your muse smells fear. She doesn’t respond well to it. Keep your cool, and keep going.

Above all, keep reminding yourself that youcando it!

Here’s a quick guide to sites and other resources to help you get through November:


Sign-ups are underway now! Look for local groups, forums by genre, and more!




There are lots of writing prompts sites, but these are some of the ones I used:创意写作提示作家的消化提示Toasted Cheese calendarStory Spinner online

The Snowflake Method

Several of our editors swear by this method for designing their novel. Check it out!

No Plot? No Problem!

NaNoWriMo创造者克里斯Baty fo分享他的秘密r a successful novel writing experience. I bought this book last year, and found the advice in it incredibly valuable


More options for document portability. Both WriteBoard and Google Docs are free, secure sites where you can update your documents from any computer that has web access. Even better, you can share your documents with anyone you want!

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