Absolute Beginners

Absolute Blank


So, you have the idea that you might like to try to write something but have no idea how to get started. Should you just dip your toe in the inkwell or should you jump in feet-first?



Getting started

写作作为一个爱好可以很多作为一个喜欢慢跑hobby. Just as a runner only needs to know “left foot, right foot, repeat” to start running, you only need to be able to put what’s in your head onto paper. That’s all there is to it! Worry about style and substance later. Your goal is to get accustomed with the writing process.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get started. To start running, all you need is a pair of shoes. Special pens or ergonomic keyboards won’t make a difference in what you produce. I think it’s best to start as simply as possible. You need either a computer or paper and a writing utensil. That’s it.

Step 2: Relax. You don’t have to win a race the first day you go out jogging. There’s no need to produce anything of any quality right off the bat. You don’t ever have to show your work to anyone, so there’s no worry about impressing people with a spectacular first draft.


不要依赖注入scouraged if you don’t get any creative writing done on your first few ventures. You’re settling in and learning what you need to be a writer, whether that’s an inspiring exercise or a CD of cello music in the background. You’re writing for pleasure so allow yourself a pleasurable experience.

Try to write a little every day for a few days, like how runners condition themselves. Promise yourself a set time period or word count. You may be surprised by how quickly you can produce just 500 words of fiction or a dozen lines of poetry. If you don’t meet your goal one day, just say to yourself, “I can meet tomorrow’s goal.” You won’t have gold pour from your fingertips every time you sit down to work.

Even if you only want to write as a creative outlet, it is still just that—”work.” Just as jogging can be exhausting and fun at the same time, writing can be pleasurable and taxing all at once. It is the reward of work well done that brings joy to a writer. Don’t be intimidated by the “work” aspect of writing.

Appreciating the art of writing

The written word is an essential part of everyday life. You may not even realize how much writing you encounter every day. Someone wrote the creative copy on the back of your shampoo bottle. Someone wrote the copy being read by the morning news anchor. Someone wrote the lyrics of song you listen to on the radio. You encounter more writing before 9 a.m. than you may have realized.


When you watch a TV show or a movie, think about how the story began: as a writer’s inspiration. Do you think he came up with the situation first or the characters? What would you have done differently if you were guiding the story? Do you find the dialogue believable? Do you find the characters consistent? If not, how does that affect your enjoyment of the show/film?

当你谈论一件作品的,请尝试使用期限,不要“什么作家想说。”笔者不tryingto say something; the writer说过something. It may have come across well or poorly but it was said. It may not seem like a great difference but you may be surprised how much it changes what it isyouare saying about writing.


Let’s get writing

You may not know what it is that you want to write but you know you want to write. Maybe you should ask yourself, “What do I like to read?” If you read poetry, let’s write a poem. If you like novels, let’s work on fiction. If after seeing theLord of the Ringstrilogy you thought it might be fun to write a story like it, try your hand at “风扇FIC” using those familiar characters.

There are a few exercises that accompany this article and that would be a good place to start. Comb through our past exercises to find something that interests you. Check our calendar or our boards for writing prompts.

一个很好的地方开始写作是在一个博客或“博客”,因为它通常被称为。您可以通过免费的服务如同签订了开始博客博客,Blogdot要么Diaryland. If you are more Net-savvy, you might want to investigateMovable Type要么Greymatter.

Your weblog can be public or private. You can write about anything from the minutiae of your day to specific topics like baseball or a political campaign. Read other people’s weblogs to get ideas for what you’d like to write about. Keeping a weblog, either for non-fiction or for creative writing, is a good way to keep on a daily writing schedule. Just keep a handy link to your blogging tool and you’ll find yourself making time to blog even when you have time for little else.

Suggested Reading:The Weblog HandbookbyRebecca Blood

And then…

Once you’re in the groove of writing, gaining confidence and practicing, go ahead and take the next step. What is the next step? It’s what you want it to be. You might want to share something you’ve created, if for no other reason than to hear a friend say, “You’re a writer? Cool!” You might want to try more complicated exercises. You might want to plunge into publishing. You might want to find a critique group or take a course.


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