August 2019


  1. Write about very hot weather.
  2. 开始this line of dialogue: “You know it’s bad when…”
  3. 写下挥之不去晚餐。
  4. 获得在Twitter今天的提示。
    1. Use the following five words: bedroom, adopt, quaint, school, reproduction.
    2. Write about a power (or other infrastructure) failure.
    3. Use the phrase, “This is the answer to everything.”
  5. Second time a show is watched, it’s a rerun of the same episode.
  6. Your setting is: dawn, heatwave for days, a film set, dream-like atmosphere.
  7. 写下延迟去看牙医。
  8. 写写关于我:旅程。
  9. Write about being unable to talk to the very attractive person.
  10. 开始this line of dialogue: “I wanted it to be real so bad.”
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    1. Use the following five words: admission, arrogant, cup, hope, prestige.
    2. Write about trying to comfort someone.
    3. Use the phrase, “I don’t do that kind of thing.”
  12. Use these 5 words: smoky, malfunctioned, smells, directions, headquarters.
  13. 设置:漫画书店。
  14. 使用这些5个字:筹款,画廊,文化,显著,对话。
  15. Use the phrase, “Tell me more lies.”
  16. Write about a character who is: optimistic, depressed & arrogant.
  17. Write about a last dinner together.
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    1. Use the following five words: pocket, south, unfortunate, endure, cope.
    2. 填空题:“这个梦想在那里_________,没有人通知。”
    3. 写忽略了一些东西明显。
  19. 使用了一句,“哪一年又是什么呢?
  20. 开始this line of dialogue: “You lose them how you get them.”
  21. 使用了一句,“难道我错打到超空间按钮?”
  22. Write about: holiday traditions.
  23. 写关于秘密的转变。
  24. Use these 5 words: magicians, kittens, embarrassed, coerced, face.
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    1. 使用以下五个字:口音,脏,晚上,散步,一口。
    2. 填空题:“所有剩下的是_________。”
    3. Write about stealing something from another culture or language.
  26. 使用这些5个字:配方,装饰,笔记,兔,雨。
  27. 设置:一个时髦的奶酪店。
  28. Write about: a farm to table menu.
  29. Write about someone getting something stuck in their hair.
  30. 你的设置是:黎明,明媚的阳光,荒岛,焦躁不安的气氛。
  31. 使用了一句,“他们投放的早午餐。”